Facilities & Amenities

Rudn Enclave, a inevitable residential Project within Rawalpindi’s environs. It is aiming to become an icon of modern construction and an initiative that is focused on hospitality. It’s determined to offer international services and accommodation to its guests through leveraging international and national common features. The features the project will be able to provide are listed below:

District of Health Care

This community will be unique to the other communities in Pakistan due to its medical facilities are among the most modern in the nation. The top healthcare facilities will be accessible to all citizens of Pakistan. These facilities will be at the forefront of technology. Personnel and doctors will be trained to give the best medical care.

Conservationist Construction

In light of the seriousness of the water crisis that is affecting the nation It is crucial to create environmentally sustainable methods of managing water like rainwater tanks. That’s why Rudn Enclave has been designed using eco-friendly features, such as solar panels and organic furniture.

Gated Community

One of the things people are looking for in the ideal residential property is security and stability that is the reason safe housing developments have grown in popularity over the past decade. Rudn Enclave’s entrance is secured by a boundary wall , with experienced guards at each entrance and exit. Additionally the developers have also added necessary restrictions and rules that safeguard the community from robbers and thieves. For instance, unauthorized people can’t enter society.

Public Parks

The architects have made sure that residents can be able to enjoy an extravagant life while maintaining a constant connection to the natural world. In order to achieve this, public recreational spaces have been designed with care. Families, and especially youngsters can easily spend their leisure time in these areas.

Safe Society:

A secure and foolproof system is being installed within and within the community, even within the homes of people. The CCTV cameras as well as other equipment for surveillance are installed in homes, buildings and the society to offer an extensive and swift security for the citizens. It will be a secure community.

Every exit and entry point will be tracked by facial recognition technology to allow the sole safe entrance and exit. The system will be in place and running 24 hours a day by a highly trained and experienced security personnel aided by security guards in the ground.

Health Care Facility:

High-quality healthcare can make a difference to a. While the city of smart has provided all kinds of indoor and outdoor sport, a full healthcare system is provided to the public to treat anyone suffering from any type of illness. The medical staff and equipment are of the highest quality and are able to help with any emergency.

These labs, hospitals and clinics are equipped to care for a wide range of patients efficiently thanks to the expertise of their qualified medical professionals and staff. The load of patients and work is not a problem at the hospitals that is part of Rudn Enclave City.

24/7 Basic Utilities:

Rudn Enclave City is an elegantly planned housing project and its stunning beauty. To keep its aesthetics intact The developers have created the community so that all infrastructure, including drainage pipelines, water pipelines gas lines, as well as electric lines are concealed beneath the ground. This is a great move towards making the community safer and more attractive and secure.

Planned Drainage System:

A faulty drainage system can destroy an housing society. Smart city’s drainage systems has been designed to handle extreme storms and the pollution of the society. It is an automated system that will have manual overrides for any emergency.

The creation of a solid drainage system is essential to the smooth operation of a society for residents. Rudn Enclave City has planned and laid the most perfect sewerage system with large sewerage pipelines that allow for easy drainage.