About Us

Rudn Enclave is a rapidly growing housing community located in Rawalpindi with all the modern and essential amenities. It is expected to become an early home communities that are gated in the world, and covers a an area of around 10,000 Kanal. RMRSCO Pvt. Ltd. RMRSCO Pvt. Ltd., one of the top market players is responsible for operating and managing this incredible real property. In addition, the entire development process is managed by NESPAK the most reliable and trustworthy consultancy agency.

Rudn Enclave is dominating the market due to its strategic position. The project is a mega-project that provides clients with a wealth of facilities as well as an ambiance of peace. Additionally, the sources of groundwater, Dam Khalsa and Jawa Dam are within the main areas of civilisation. Here the majority of our daily requirements will be fulfilled. The area offers business, residential and apartment plots along with other facilities. In a nutshell, Rudn Enclave has a plenty to offer its customers.

Owners & Developers:

The primary driver of Rudn Enclave is RMRSCO Private Limited. It is among the most reputable franchises in construction and real estate industries that has over 10 years of experience. They intend to revolutionize technologies in Islamabad and Rawalpindi through the construction of this outstanding project by Rudn Enclave.

RMRSCO Private Limited is an internationally renowned firm with a team composed of extremely skilled designers and experts who have extensive experience in the field of venture and residential development. The company was initially involved in development work for Rudn Enclave. However, after the layout of the ring road was modified and an enormous potential emerged from the change, the company decided to leave development and instead grant this development agreement to an established developer. RMRSCO is focused on acquiring the land and executing the project in the present.


A state-owned entity, NESPAK is the design consultant and advisor for Rudn Enclave. NESPAK is known as Asia most renowned consulting company with numerous successful projects. It was established as a Limited Liability Company by the administration in 1973. The goal of its founding was to establish an engineering-focused nation that could have experts, achieve an engineering professional self-sustenance system, and to eliminate the need for overseas counsellors. There are currently hundreds of experts working day and night to ensure the highest possible results for each project. Not just locally, but numerous European and Eastern nations internationally acknowledge NESPAK. A few of the NESPAK famous projects include:

  • New Islamabad Airport
  • Lahore Metro Bus Station
  • Karma Chowk Flyover Lahore
  • Neelum Jhelum Power Project

The Vision of Rudn Enclave

A possible real estate mega-project is poised to become an image of modern layout and stunning infrastructure, as well as high-end amenities, and a peaceful ambiance.

Our goal is to offer people an extraordinary, stunning, and luxurious living through leveraging the world-class experience and world-class amenities at one time.

The Mission of Rudn Enclave

What’s a better method to give back to humanity and give back to your community than to provide them with a cozy and lavish lifestyle with a reasonable price? Rudn Enclave provides a secure community that is surrounded by lush greenery that allows you to enjoy a luxurious and luxurious life. Modern, yet quiet living space where peace nature, modernity and nature are in sync, providing you with the most luxurious life that you can live.

Our Mission is to become a benchmark for the best and most luxurious housing plan that touches heaven on the earth. We have a goal to offer our residents world high-end comfort and amenities.

NOC and Permission

The NOC and the permission are the most important aspects when deciding on the right housing plan to live in or to invest in. Although it is true that the NOC for the Rudn Enclave isn’t approved yet however, it’s under review. There is a good chance that it’ll be approved in the near future from Rawalpindi Development Authority. Rawalpindi Development Authority.