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Rudn Enclave is an innovative residential development that has been designed in a stunning manner and comes with top-of-the-line facilities and amenities. The project is expected to set a new standard in the real estate industry by virtue of its modern infrastructure and impressive amenities. It features modernist design as well as all the essential living amenities. Rudn Society Rawalpindi Rudn Society Rawalpindi is dedicated to providing world-class services and modern conveniences to its residents. In a nutshell, Rudn Housing Society is an affordable venture that is ideal for those living in Islamabad and Rawalpindi seeking a wide range of services and peace and tranquility in the process.

Owners & Developers

The first and most important ambition for this community is to build an extraordinary and luxurious design of living. Rudn Enclave hopes to be an innovative architecture brand as well as an exemplary service-oriented development. The main force of Rudn Housing Society is RMRSCO (Pvt) Ltd. The company is well known and well-loved in the field of real estate because of their dedication and sincerity. Rudn has a solid experience in the investment market. NESPAK is a public company that has completed several massive projects across Pakistan as the principal contracting partner for Rudn. RMRSCO along with NESPAK have signed the two-year agreement.


The Rudn Enclave will bring a fresh energy to the real estate market as a result of its unique location which will help investors get the highest return on their investment. The society is surprisingly close to Adiala Road, which runs through the twin towns, and runs over two dams that are magnificent and the M2 Motorway as well as the N-5 National Highway. The nearest landmark to the society is its Thalian interchange.

Major Amenities

Grand Mosque

For reasons of religion The project Rudn Enclave City includes a vast Mosque. To allow residents to be able to pray in peace without having to worry about disturbances.


The most notable feature in Rudn Enclave City is the outstanding medical management as well as the health facilities. Health care facilities are well-designed.

Education City

Education is essential to kids’ future. The Rudn Enclave city created outstanding educational institutions for the future of children.

Financial Square

The people who created Rudn Enclave City are aware of the preferences of people and want to offer residents with top-quality financial services.


The Rudn Enclave city is an extremely armed secured neighborhood that is gated and has advanced security. The developers have paid particular attention to the safety of their residents


It is one step above other cities in providing essential services for its citizens, including the buses rapid transit system (BRT).

Load Shedding Free Environment

If you live in a living community, residents will eliminate load-shedding issues since it is the Rudn Enclave City has installed massive generators.

Automatic Traffic Control

The services provided by Rudn EnclaveCity provides are many. A traffic control system that is automated is set up in the city to make life easier for the inhabitants.

Commercial and Residential Plots


The amenities of this city that is intelligent it provides its residents with the most modern amenities. The developers and owners strive to offer a peaceful and comfortable living to those who reside in the city. Each luxurious and necessary need of life is provided to residents, from gas to water and from health healthcare to education. Amazing infrastructure, breathtaking views tranquil and peaceful surroundings are the main features of this stunning city. The dependable owners and developers as the thousands of expert engineers worked tirelessly to construct this amazing community, which has an impressive infrastructure and stunning masterplan. Here are some of the facilities that are part of Rudn Enclave City.

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